GeoDrain Drainage Tile

GeoDrain 12″ Drainage Tile

  • GeoDrain Drainage Tile

Mar-flex’s modern approach to waterproofing brings utilizes a three-step approach that protect buildings from water damage far into the future. A waterproofing membrane prevents water absorption, drainage boards guide water away from the structure and drainage tiles allow it to drain away harmlessly. Drainage tiles can control water drainage in a way that is unmatched the natural materials surrounding a structure or even the traditional option of gravel-covered pipes. Drainage tiles apply modern design and engineering to the problem of drainage, resulting in a dramatically more effective waterproofing system.

• Engineered to provide ample strength to protect waterproofing membranes
• Provides excellent drainage capabilities
• Designed to replace conventional gravel covered, corrugated pipes used for drainage around foundation & retaining walls
• Part of a modular drainage and water collection system for basements, foundations and retaining walls

Mar-flex’s premier drainage tile, GeoDrain 12″, is a three-dimensional, high-flow drainage core. That core is then wrapped in a non-woven filter fabric. The fabric prevents the drainage system from becoming clogged, while the molded polymer core guides water away from vulnerable areas through channels designed for maximum drainage flow and compression strength. Drainage tile replaces, and improves upon, conventional gravel covered pipe drainage around retaining walls and foundations.

Mar-flex recommends GeoDrain be used as part of a waterproofing system. Pairing its water-removal properties with a waterproofing membrane, such as Mar-flex 5000, and a drainage board, such as GeoMat+, ensures the maximum level of protection.

Also available in 6″ x 165′ size and related connectors……see Residential Tab for more information

  • Product Details

    Product Details

    Product Information

    DAP-52300 | Geo-Drain 12″ Available In

    • Roll Size: 12″ X 165′
    • Thickness: 1″
    • Each or 8/pallet

    Also available in 6″ x 165′ size and related connectors……see Residential Tab for more information


    DAP-52305 | 12-inch End Out Connector
    A 12″ end out connector is used to make the connection from the Mar-flex DrainAway 12″ to a corrugated 4″ plastic pipe.

    DAP-52310 | 12-inch Side Out Connector
    A 12″ side out connector is used to make an in line connection of the Mar-flex DrainAway 12″ with a 4″ outlet.

    DAP-52320 | 12-inch Corner Connector
    A 12″ corner connector is used to connect two sections of Mar-flex DrainAway 12″ on either and inside or outside corner.

    DAP-52325 | 12-inch Splice Connector
    A 12″ splice connector is used to connect two sections of the Mar-flex DrainAway 12″ either vertically or horizontally.

    Drainage Board Fasteners

    Fastens tile to poured wall, providing an additional bond until backfilled. May be installed into concrete with hammer.

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