GeoMat wall waterproofing & drainage membrane

GeoMat Drainage Roll

  • GeoMat Drainage Roll Diagrapm
  • GeoMat Drainage Roll

When water reaches the edge of building, drainage prevents structural damage by redirecting the water and reducing hydrostatic pressure. Even buildings that have spray-on membranes are at risk from the pressure of below-grade water and the degrading impact of rocks and silt.

Geo-Mat+ Drainage Roll

• Custom designed accessories for a seamless installation
• 100% recycled HDPE content used for the base material, LEED credit available, environmentally safe and non-toxic
• Linear aligned dimples for a clear open drainage path for bulk water transport
• High drainage capacity diffuses hydrostatic pressure against foundation wall
• Roll sizes that make handling them manageable in the field for easy installation
• Unique attachment clips and strips for attaching the membrane to the foundation securely
• Sealing strips for overlaps to ensure bulk water stays outside of the membrane
• Membrane can be installed in any climate – is not weather dependent
• Performance is guaranteed – since the HDPE material is highly chemically resistant and will provide protection in any climate and resists water and water vapor penetration
• Compressive strength of sheet meets IRC requirements for lateral earth pressures to 16 ft
• Material can be used for construction in both the IRC and IBC

Like a drainage board, GeoMat Drainage Roll removes water and resists hydrostatic pressure by channeling below-grade water towards footer drainage systems. These water channels are created by molding high density polyethylene (HDPE) into sheets featuring vertically and horizontally aligned dimples. The stud-shaped dimples create space between the sheet and the wall, allowing water to flow quickly and harmlessly away. In addition to channeling away below-grade water, GeoMat acts as a barrier to protect liquid membranes against back fill soil and sediment.

GeoMat’s strength and effective water-channeling design make it useful in a variety of applications. GeoMat can compliment and protect a spray-on waterproofing or dampproofing membrane. In instances where a drainage system is installed to reduce hydrostatic pressure, GeoMat may be used as a foundation dampproofing product as well as a waterproofing membrane. GeoMat accessories are available to facilitate any job and make installation easy.

Mar-flex created GeoMat Drainage Roll as a next generation green product designed to meet the rising demand for commercial and residential building materials with a low environmental impact. GeoMat is made of 100% recycled material, and can be used towards LEED building credits.

*Also available in a High Compression (HC) version as well.